Teachers Retirement / 403B

Helping Educators Retire with Financial Dignity


Daunting Facts

Can you Retire with Dignity on $1,800 a month? No Way! School employees are in a crisis!

Challenges facing retiring teachers:

  • 60% salary reduction at retirement from Teacher Retirement System
  • Only 25% of school employees are saving for retirement
  • Rising health insurance costs and premiums
  • Increased cost of living
  • Extended life expectancy
  • Unstable Social Security System
  • Ongoing economic downturn
  • Job insecurity in the education field


The Answer

We are here to provide the answers by:

  • Helping teachers understand their STRS (State Teacher Retirement System)
  • Calculating teachers’ projected retirement income
  • Educating teachers on savings options to help fill the retirement income gap
  • Helping teachers personalize the best savings plan for themselves
  • Sharing our success system for maximizing income, savings, and retirement


ICAFS sets the standard Set the Standard

We set the standard!

  • Exclusively for teachers!
  • Provides education
  • Offers retirement education simplified!
  • NOT backed by a bailout company!
  • Made in America to SAVE in America!

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