Debt Solutions

Debt Relief

We consult your creditors, settle your debt, and help you get to your happy place.

We negotiate with your creditors while you sit back, relax and completely stop paying your monthly debt fees.
Instead, you’ll put your payments towards a self-insured trust account to increase your resources. Ultimately, we’ll use the funds from inside this trust account to guarantee a 30% reduction of your total debt owed.

We know that when you’re unable to pay your debts, interest and fees continue to grow. You continue to get an increasing number of calls from collection companies, and you may feel overwhelmed and trapped.

But you have options.

Step 1

First, we’ll do a financial analysis to get a better idea of what your ‘fixed costs’ are.

We’ll identify which of your accounts qualify for our process, and discuss what disposable income you have for a trust account.

Step 2

We set you up with a qualified case manager who will help start your trust account.

As your account builds, the negotiating process will be in effect. We will also handle all legal processes that are needed for your accounts.

Step 3

We’ll start chipping away at your creditors, eliminating interest and fees, all while tidying up your credit profile along the way.

Within time, you’ll be COMPLETELY debt free!

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