Establishing a routine is good. Routines can help in achieving your goals in life, as long as your routine is full of good habits that can make things better. But what happens when things become…well…too routine? It means that it’s time to define new goals and achieve them.

Here are some things you can do to break the routine.

Learn foreign language

Learning a new way of speaking is an adventure in and of itself. Whether you plan to travel or simply want to expand your linguistic horizons, there’s no easier way to do this than with online language lessons. Premium courses, like Babbel, offer courses for beginners in a number of global languages including Danish, Indonesian, Russian, French, and Italian. You can also learn by listening, most providers, like FrenchToday, also feature a selection of audiobooks with accompanying study guides. If you’re on a budget, freemium sites and apps like Duolingo are free or cost very little. When learning a new language, continuous studying is key. You should set aside time daily, if possible, to learn the language well.

Master the guitar

If you love listening to music but lack the talent or equipment to make your own, you should consider taking up guitar lessons. There are many websites that offer guitar lessons. If you’re still not ready for formal classes, there are YouTube channels that offer free lessons.

Paint a masterpiece

Leonardo da Vinci has nothing on you. At least he won’t if drawing and painting classes are on your list. Nationwide craft chain Michael’s offers in-store and online classes. Online registration and the ability to search schedules by store make it easy to pinpoint your preferred class. You can get art supplies on Amazon or your local arts and crafts store. Look for a beginner paint set. Start with an affordable set and, if you find a passion for painting, you can upgrade later on.

Go back to school

If your goals include advancing your career and building your financial foundation, consider returning to school and earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Earning a degree can boost your salary, and you can follow your passions. Instead of in-person learning, try an online program which will make it easier to balance family and work responsibilities while learning.

Open up in public

Back to enhancing your work skills, public speaking is another area that you can connect to. There are many online resources to learn public speaking. You can also join some organizations, like the Toastmasters, to learn more about talking in public. If you feel anxious about speaking in front of a podium, shake the jitters off by asking your friends for a night out at your local karaoke bar and singing your heart out. It helps. Promise.

Give to charity

Rack up some good karma points by making charitable contributions. St. Jude, Save the Children, and most local animal shelters will gladly accept donations and will put the money to good use. The Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child sells gift cards for $25, which will allow you to build your own shoebox directly from the charity’s website.


Traveling to someplace new will allow you to experience a lot of things, and these things may even change you. You will learn how to adapt to new and possibly strange things, practice your social skills with someone who may not understand you, and learn a new set of cultural etiquette.

Regardless of what you decide to do, having new life goals, and doing something new will allow you to experience personal growth. Just remember that we do new things to have fun, so enjoy your new experiences!

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